About Medical Tourism

June 3, 2011

After surgery, your recovery is much faster when you are well rested, relaxed and generally content. This may or may not occur at home. Perhaps your life is too hectic for you to follow doctor’s orders after a procedure. What about insurance policies? Does yours cover the plastic surgery you’d like to have done? If not, it can be very pricy to do so at home. All of these factors can be solved with medical tourism.

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is when you go abroad to have surgery or any other medical treatment done. At times insurance policies don’t cover expensive treatments or surgeries, thus leaving you with a cramped choice. Or may be you just want to travel at the same time and relax after surgery at a quiet beach somewhere in the world.  Whatever your reason is, the fact of the matter is that you can find highly qualified surgeons, doctors and hospitals to treat your situation for a much lower price than that offered in your country.

Tips on choosing a destination

  • Try to get as much information as you can about the city and country you are visiting. Make sure it is reliable information from reliable sources.
  • Try to get as much information about  your doctor and clinic or hospital you will stay at. Make sure they have all the necessary qualifications. A big plus is when they are members of medical associations, whether they are national or international institutions.
  • Choose a location you like. Whether you like the beach, city life or you are a mountain lover, it’s your relaxing spot and no one else’s
  • Let your friends and family know where you are going and what are you having done. If you want your situation to be discrete, inform your closest friends and family. Check in on them as soon as surgery is over.
  • Inform your embassy what you are doing. You will always have their support no matter where you are or what happens.

Remember, medical tourism helps your post surgery recovery go faster and you’ll be well tended by trained staff.

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