Obesity and Advanced Laparoscopy

June 8, 2011

Nowadays, Obesity is one of the most dangerous health problems there are on the planet. This illness does not only represent excess weight, but it is the basis for more diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and many others that can result in death.

Several people with this problem try conventional methods such as a healthy diet and work out. Unfortunately, these methods aren’t enough due to the large amount of excess weight. Medicine has solved this problem through digestive track corrective surgeries such as gastric bypass and gastric sleeves. The results are rapid and definite weight loss.

In addition, these procedures can be even more improved thanks to robotic surgery. It is the latest, most advanced method in the world where less pain, less blood loss and rapid lifestyle reincorporation are the results of carefully designed equipment. The robot is controlled by a professional surgeon which guarantees excellent care.

These advantages may come with a high price at home. However, it is also available in Guadalajara, Mexico at the Obesity and Advanced Laparoscopy Institute at the Puerta de Hierro Sur Medical Center. Medical tourism guarantees the same professional healthcare at much lower costs than at home. For more information, please click on the Obesity and Advanced Laparoscopy link or send us an email to info@cirugia-plastica-estetica.com.mx

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